IDEANO, have a complete range of products to solve any problem in the area of broadcast quality streaming/recording of TV over local intranet networks.
This products, are used to create two complete solutions, one with the emphasis on streaming broadcast quality TV and Radio in the network, and another, with the emphasis on recording broadcast quality video in for later use in the network.

The LanTV is our solution for streaming TV in your local network. We used the embedded linux technology to create stable, reliable and high capacity device to stream multiple of TV channels to hundreds of users in the network. because of multiplexing state in the DVB-S (Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite), each satellite frequency could have ten or more TV channels.
When this feature is combined with the 28 inputs of a LanTV server device, this means you could stream more than 400 TV channels to your network.

The LanTV server could have up to 28 direct input from the LNB of satellite dish, so you won't need any satellite receivers any more. Also you won't need any additional computers for encoding video, because the device streams all this TV and Radio channels by itself to the network.

The LanTV has internal accounting system, which you could define users, and define which channels they are authorized to see. This means you could specify that which channels each user of LanTV should see or not to see. You could assign channels to groups, and then users to groups, that simplifies management of users. The features available to eache user, such as recording of TV channels could be enabled, or disabled by system administrator.

The quality of picture in the LanTV is the maximum. Because LanTV does not encodes anything, it uses the quality of broadcast encoder used in TV station, and of course, it is a very expensive and high quality encoder.

you could use LanTV solution for the following businesses:

The OfficeTV is our solution for multi-channel, non-linear, broadcast quality TV/Radio recording. The OfficeTV servers have internal storage and can record upto 2000 hours of high quality video or more. Each OfficeTV server has 4 inputs, and when this combines with multiplexing feature of DVB-T, each device could record upto 20 simultaneous TV channels.
The quality of records are broadcast, because OfficeTV doesn't convert anything in record process, and directly records DVB stream in MPEG-II or AVC format transmitted from DVBT transmitter.

Any recorded TV program of OfficeTV is accessible through the network for the authorized users. You won't need cassete recorder and cassettes. Also you won't need viewing cassette players anymore. The recorded programs are in MPEG-II or AVC format, so they are directly editable in most modern non linear editing softwares.

The OfficeTV server designed for reliable, standalone operation. That means, when you defined schedule for records, you could even disconnect device from the network. The OfficeTV is designed in embedded linux technology for maximum stability, but all control operations are done from a MS Windows computer through a grapical control software, from any point of computer network.

The OfficeTV also has a limited LanTV features, and could stream TV for small amount of users. So, you could use LanTV Client with OfficeTV also.

We suggest OfficeTV Solution for the following businesses: