About us

The IDEANO Pishro Shargh corporation is one of the leading firmware/software designers in Iran. Our speciality is in designing and implementing modern and computer based cable tv and satellite monitoring installations. Our flagship products, LanTV, modern solution for distributing tv through LAN networks and OfficeTV, a modern and efficient alternative for DVB-T recording monitorings are the most edge of technology in this fields, and are the base for all of our implementations.

The IDEANO company started it's work in 2004, with the focus on new and modern implementation of cable tv and satellite monitoring with the help of computers, networks and the other tools of the information age. This company has one of the most valuable engineering groups, and knowledge bases in this field. Our engineering power, let us to break down any stumbling block and to lead our solutions to be best, in a continous process.

To know more about our solutions, or if you want to have a consultancy for your specific needs, don't hesitate to contact us with the following address: