The IDEANO is one of the first and most innovative companies in the field of digital satellite TV monitorings and cable tv through lan solutions.

With the two leading solutions, LanTV, modern solution for distributing tv through lan networks and OfficeTV, a modern and efficient alternative for DVB-T recording monitorings, we have the ability to design and implement this solutions for the many businesses.

Today we offer complete analysis and implementation of TV over local networks and new digital TV monitoring systems. our exprienced engineering team done its best in many field installation of LanTV and OfficeTV systems.

Some examples of many installations we have done up to now, is OfficeTV and LanTV installations for IRIB, the unique TV and Radio broadcaster of Islamic Republic of IRAN, and many other news agencies and organizations.

Also, based on our expriences in LanTV and OfficeTV, today we could offer embedded linux anaylysis and design services and windows/linux interaction solutions for new and demanding era of informatics.

Our qualified engineering team could also suggest worthfull solutions and consultancies, for broadcast and media related organizations.

You could refer to the solutions section, to find more aboute mentioned solutions.