Today TV is one of main parts of our lives. From gathering news, to entertainment, we use TV in all aspects of our life.

You could buy a TV set for your home and setup its antenna, however, it is not resonable for a large organization to buy hundreds of TV sets and setup antenna for each of them. So this organizations use another solution called Cable TV.

Old cable TV architecture.

Old system drawbacks

Although this old and classic system is very popular, but it has some major drawbacks such as:

For this reasons, using this old configuraton, for modern organizations with the installed intranet networks and many available computer sets, is not suitable.

Modern age, Modern solutions!

The LanTV solution from IDEANO, solved all this drawbacks at once. This solution is based on streaming TV over network, and watching it with existing computer sets.

Old cable TV architecture.

In this solution, the LanTV server device sits directly between satellite dishes and local lan network. Although this solution is not completely new, but LanTV introduced many new optimizations that we will introduce them later in this article.

This new architecture has many benifits, such as:

Stream to network, View from computer!

One of the great advantages of LanTV system, is you don't need any special hardware in the clients side.